The EIT (Event Information Table) provides information about the events of a service in chronological order. There are four types of EIT tables, each with their own table_id.
table_id description
0x4ECurrent transport stream, present / following event information
0x4FOther transport stream, present / following event information
0x50 - 0x5FCurrent transport stream, schedule event information
0x60 - 0x6FOther transport stream, schedule event information

The present / following table is only about the current event and the next event of a service in the current or other transport stream. In the case of NVOD (Near Video On Demand) service the table may have more than two event descriptors.
The event schedule tables contain a list of events in chronological order in the form of a "program guide ". These events take place after the next event in the present / following tables.
TR 101 290
  • The repetition rate must be less than 2 seconds for p / f actual, 10 seconds for p / f-other.
  • The time between receiving the last byte of the section and the first byte of the next section should be at least 25 ms.
  • The Scrambling Controlmust have the binary value '00' (umscrambled)
  • Descriptors
    The following descriptors may appear in the EIT :
  • stuffing_descriptor
  • linkage_descriptor
  • short_event_descriptor
  • extended_event_descriptor
  • time_shifted_event_descriptor
  • component_descriptor
  • CA_identifier_descriptor
  • content_descriptor
  • parental_rating_descriptor
  • telephone_descriptor
  • multilingual_component_descriptor
  • private_data_specifier_descriptor
  • short_smoothing_buffer_descriptor
  • data_broadcast_descriptor
  • PDC_descriptor
  • TVA_id_descriptor
  • content_identifier_descriptor
  • extension_descriptor
  • user_defined_descriptor

  • name bits description
    Table ID 8 Indicates to which table this section belongs, in this case EIT.
    section_syntax_indicator 1 Indicates whether a sub-table structure including CRC check is used.
    reserved_for_future_use 1 always binary value '1'
    Reserved 2 always binary value '11'
    Section length 12 The length of the section in bytes. This length starts immediately after this field and includes the CRC
    Service_id 16 Indicates on which service this EIT table informs.
    reserved 2 always binary value '11'
    version_number 5 Value between 0 to 31.
    A higher value indicates that the information has changed.
    current_next_indicator 1 This is to indicate whether a section is 'valid now' or 'valid in future'
    section_number 8 Value between 0x00 - 0xFF. Used to indicate the sections of a table. Up to 256 sections
    last_section_number 8 The number of the last section, so the receiver know when the table is completely received.
    Transport stream id 16 Indicates on what TS this EIT table information provides.
    Original network id 12 The ID of the original network where this transport stream originated.
    segment last section number 8 This 8 bit field gives the number of the last section of this segment of the sub-table. If the sub-table is not segmented, then this field must have the same value as the last section number field.
    last table id 8 This 8 bit field indicates the last used table_id.
    event id 16 This 16 bit field indicates the event id of the event for which information is given. Within a service this id must be unique.
    start time 40 This 40 bit field gives the start time and date in UTC and MJD of the event. The first 16 bits represent the 16 bits MJD,then the 24-bit UTC as 6 digits in 4-bit BCD
    duration 24 This 24 bit field indicates the length of the event in hours, minutes, seconds as 4 bits BCD. for instance 02:25:30 is encoded as 0x022530
    running status 3 This field gives information about the status of the event, 000 = undefined, 001 = not running, 010 = start in a few seconds, 011 = pause, 100 = running, 101 - 111 reserved for future use. In the case of an NVOD reference event, the running status will be put to '0'
    free CA mode 1 If access to one or more components of this event is controlled by a CA system, this field binary must have value '1'.
    descriptor loop length 12 The length of the descriptor loop.
    event descriptors loop
    CRC_32 32 Cyclic redundancy check