The ST (Stuffing Table) can be used to overwrite existing sections. To keep the section number field valid,all sections of a table are overwritten. One application of this table can be found in Cable headends. A complete transport stream may be received and then QAM modulated. All tables that do not apply needs to be overwritten.
TR 101 290
  • The repetition rate must be less than 0.5 seconds.
  • The Scrambling Control must have the binary value '00 '( umscrambled )
  • Descriptors
    There are no descriptors for the ST.

    name bits description
    Table ID 8 Indicates to which table this section belongs, in this case ST (0x72)
    section_syntax_indicator 1 This one bit field has the binary value '1 'or '0'.
    Reserved for future use 1 always binary value '1'
    Reserved 2 always binary value '11'
    Section Length 12 The length in bytes of the section. This length starts immediately after this field. The maximum value is 4093, so the maximum length of the section is 4096 bytes.
    Data bytes 8 The value of these bytes can be arbitrary and has no meaning.