The TOT (Time Offset Table) contains not only the current UTC time and date, but also the local time offset (descriptor).
TR 101 290
  • The repetition rate must be less than 0.5 seconds.
  • The Scrambling Control must have the binary value '00 ' ( umscrambled )
  • Descriptors
    The following descriptors may appear in the TOT :
    local time offset descriptor
    extension descriptor
    user defined descriptor

    name bits description
    Table ID 8 Indicates to which table this section belongs, in this case TOT (0x73)
    section_syntax_indicator 1 Indicates whether a sub-table structure including CRC check is used.
    Reserved for future use 1 always binary value '1'
    Reserved 2 always binary value '11'
    UTC time 40 This 40 bit field gives the current time and date in UTC and MJD. The first 16 bits represent the 16 bits MJD,then the 24-bit UTC as 6 digits in 4-bit BCD
    Reserved 4 always binary value '1111'
    descriptors loop length 12 Gives the total length of the descriptor loop
    Descriptors loop
    CRC_32 32 32 bits Cyclic redundancy check